About Tin Toy Bargains

Tin Toy Bargains opened its virtual doors over 12 years ago, at that time it was called Vintage Bargains, specializing in tin toys. We are collectors like you and love talking to our customers. The mechanical features of the tin toys enthrall us and the unique designs and history are just fascinating, so we continued to add items and improve our site. We added a reference section to help our customers learn more about the joy of collecting tin toys. To complete the perfect shopping experience, we offer the lowest prices (guaranteed) and exceptional customer service.

We were having fun and our customers loved shopping here. Everything seemed perfect until 2011... That's when Morris came. Morris is the robot you see pictured throughout the website (He's pretty vain). At first he seemed a likeable enough guy, but it wasn't long before he decided to mount a secret takeover. It started with him thinking we did not have enough tin toy robots, so he convinced us to substantially increase our robot inventory. The other tin toys were not happy about the increased number of robots bossing them around. Morris decided he needed some new friends since he had alienated our existing inventory. He has been on a buying spree, to bring in new friends, for most of the last year. We can barely post new items before Morris has another shipment coming in, the robot's crazy and you can hardly walk around here anymore.

Morris, being a robot, is very analytical and seems to worry about every detail. It's not unusual for him to call us at 2:00AM at home to see if an order was shipped the same day. He watches over us to make sure the labels were packed securely so the post office doesn't mess them up. The attention to detail was great until Morris got a software upgrade and began his obsession with sales. Mind you, Morris doesn't seem to care about profits, just sales, which means he is always sending free stuff and offering discounts to our customers. If he doesn't have enough room to scoot around he'll sell at cost just to free up space. Our customers seem to be very happy about these sales Morris keeps having, and the fact that he refuses to sell at retail. Management, on the other hand, is afraid that Morris is a precursor to robots taking over our planet. With this in mind, our company's stance is to make sure Morris stays happy. We think this might spare us during the impending Robot Revolution.

Please help us keep Morris the Robot and other potential robot overlords happy by shopping at Tin Toy Bargains. Morris is actually quite approachable and he loves getting e-mail, so drop him a line.

Welcome to Tin Toy Bargains, Morris thanks you for shopping with us!