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Zap Brannigan Tin Atomic Ray Gun
SKU #: ROB1028

Be prepared for any close encounter or other cosmic event with our Handy Dandy Tin Toy, Zap Brannigan Atomic Ray Gun! The Futurama inspired tin gun measures 6.5” long and is made by Rocket USA. Use the Faux Destructive Sparking Action to impress any Human, Neptunian, or Omicronian in your Universe.

This reproduction was authorized by Captain Zapp Brannigan himself and is accurate right down to the little picture of Zapp on the side, which he likes to look at when there’s not a mirror handy. A hefty portion of the retail price goes directly into the ol’ Zapper’s numbered bank account on Kayman-7, to finance his top-secret “undercover” operations.

For collectors, not for children under 10.

Price: $25.95

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