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Wheel Disks Tin Robot
SKU #: ROB1031

What a robot! Standing over 6” tall our green robot has colorful spinning disks that act as defensive wheels on his sides protecting him from all comers. Wind him up and watch as he slowly moves forward while his wheels continue to spin faster and faster making a clicking sound. Wheel Robot was made by Schylling and features colorful lithographics from the electronics and gauges on his chest to the space graphics on his big spinning wheels. His unique movement can be attributed to wheels under his feet that propel him forward like some of the famous Japanese Robots of the 1950s.

Our tin robot measures 6.25” Tall x 2.5” Wide x 3.5” Deep and comes with a key for winding him up and in a 1940s era Kraft Box with colorful graphics on the front.

For collectors, not for children.

Price: $17.85