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Satellite Spaceman Tin Toy
SKU #: ROB1039

Live from Outer Space, It’s the Satellite Spaceman. This is a very nice quality, wind-up tin toy robot with lots of lithographic detail. Equipped with a dish on his head and a TV on his chest, our pioneering tin Space Man brings the amazing images and news back to Earth. Wind this one up and he’s ready to explore with arms that are adjustable, as well as the satellite dish on his head.   His body is silver and white tin with red walking feet. The Satellite Spaceman is inspired by the tin toys and broadcasting dreams of the 1960’s space race.

Our tin Satellite Spaceman comes with a winding key and retro Kraft box with colorful graphics and measures 4.5” High x 2.5” Wide.

For adult toy collectors. Not for children.

Price: $15.50