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Lilliput Robot Tin Toy
SKU #: ROB1014

This new tin robot is a reproduction of one of the most prized of all tin robots that marked the start of the golden age of robots. It is now acknowledge by collectors to be the world's first toy robot and appeared in Japan in the late 1930s. Little is know about the original company who manufactured it, just the letters K. T. A perfect original in its box would cost around $10,000.

This charming reproduction features a yellow/orange body with black and white details. He has an on/off switch on his back and when you wind him up and let him go, he marches along with a stiff-legged gait as he leans forward and swings his arms.

Our robot measures 8.75" Tall x 4" Wide x 2.5" Deep and comes in a colorful 1950s era box with a key.

For Collectors (not for children under 8)

Price: $24.50