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Giant R-1 Robot Tin Toy
SKU #: ROB1037

Our large R-1 Robot measures 12.5” Tall x 5.75” Wide x 5.75” Deep and is a rare reproduction inspired by the famous "Gang of Five" robots by Masudaya of Japan. Robot One (R-1) was produced by Rocket USA, but they are now discontinued and sold out (originally released in the year 2000). Rocket USA no longer produces this classic tin toy robot. This R-1 Robot features Bump n Go action powered by 2 AA batteries (not included). This robot features flashing lights in his eyes and ears, clamping hands and engine sounds.

The R-1 Robot comes in a beautifully illustrated box drawn by George J. Eisner. Frankly, this is one impressive robot that is almost impossible to find (we only have two left).

This toy is for collectors, not for children.

Price: $74.50