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Stream Line Tin Toy Race Car
SKU #: TMV1029

This large tin toy racecar must have really looked futuristic in its day. This quality made tin toy is part of the Schylling Collector Series and it is a reproduction of the LSR-1 Land Speed Record holder. Although this tin race car looks similar to the Land Record Holder of the day, I think Schylling is taking a humorous tongue-n-cheek approach.

Just read this quote from the side of the box, “On February 21, 1930 the motoring world was shocked to learn that a new land speed record of 247.33 MPH had been established by Captain Jack Schylling driving the LSR-1. The car was developed in tight secrecy at the Schylling Motor Works in Rowley, Massachusetts. Schylling’s company was previously best known for their traditional wind up toys. “We always felt that we could take the knowledge we gained from making toys and scale it up”, said chief engineer Professor Paul Weingard. The LSR-1’s power plant is a closely held secret. Unconfirmed reports indicate the revolutionary motor uses a combination of springs, gears, levers and pulleys......

Our tin race car measures 11” Long x 3.25’ Wide with terrific graphics, free wheeling wheels (no motor), and a phenomenal full color box.

For adult toy collectors. Not for children.

Price: $15.50