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Sherman Tank Tin Toy
SKU #: TMV1016

Our Sherman Tank Tin Toy features green camouflage with a long 76MM main gun. When you wind the tank its gun moves from side to side as it rolls forward.  

Our tin toy is a reproduction of the M4A1 Sherman Tank with a 76MM gun that first entered combat in July 1944. The tank was named after General Sherman who became infamous from his march to the sea during the Civil War, or as we call it in the South, the War of Northern Aggression. This tank is a reproduction of the tin toys that were popular during the 1950s. 

Our Tin Toy Tank measures 4.75” Long x 2” Wide x 2.25” High and comes in a Kraft box with a color graphic top and a winding key. 

For collectors (Not for children under 8)

Price: $15.95