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Rescue Robot Tin Toy
SKU #: ROB1048

Now here is something really unusual. This robot has a head in the shape of a rescue dog vehicle, hence the name. Our colorful bright red and black tin robot has great graphics and is ready for a rescue, not to mention, you wount have trouble seeing him coming. Welcome to a "transformer" from the past. Wind up our rescue robot and he proudly struts along until he gets to the scene of the rescue. Then you can slip off the dog vehicle to create a completely separate free-wheeling tin toy. Look carefully and you can see the man inside driving this unique robot/dog rescue team. He is a inspired by tin toy robots from Japan of the 1940's.

Our Rescue Robot Tin Toy measures 6.5" Tall x 3" Wide and comes with a winding key. He is packaged in a retro Kraft box with a very colorful cover as "Search and Rescue Robot".

For adult toy collectors (Not for children).

Price: $15.95