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Tin Wonder Locomotive by Welby
SKU #: VIN1010

Our clockwork tin locomotive was made in India by Welby, originally a British Company, and features the “Mystery U-Turn Action”. You wind up the colorful loco and it goes slowly, not fast, from one end of the track to the other, over and over again. There is a brake lever, on/off switch, on the back of the loco. This is a great set that can’t be found anymore. It is early tin from India and has some of the usual light scratch marks on the lithography.

Our tin set has a track that measures 11.3” Long x 3.4" Wide with a tin locomotive that is 3.4" Long x 1.4" Wide x 2" High. It comes with a winding key in a colorful box labeled Wonder Locomotive.

For collectors, not for children.

We only found a small supply that won’t last long!

Discounted Price: $19.95