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Looping Plane Classic Tin Toy
SKU #: ASR1025

Travel back to the fly-by-the-seat-your-pants days of barnstorming with our colorful daredevil pilot and his incredible tin plane. This unbelievable wind-up tin toy has a very unique action. Wind it up, send it down your runway and it goes for a short distance, does a complete back flip, and continues down the runway. Our beautiful red, blue and yellow wind up airplane is a wonderful reproduction of the 1930's tin toy by Nomura and Tomy. This has been unavailable until recently and the clever and complex mechanism that performs the daredevil trick will fascinate everyone who sees it.

Our classic tin Looping Plane measures 3.75” Long with a 5.5” Wingspan. It comes with a winding key and includes a colorful Kraft collectors display box.

For adult toy collectors (Not for children).

Price: $24.50