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DC-3 Tin Airplane
SKU #: ASR1019

Travel back in time with our DC-3 Tin Airplane (I flew in one when I was a kid). This re, blue, and silver tin toy is a great replica of the original plane that flew in service for the first time in June, 1936. The DC-3 by Douglas Aircraft Company was the first commercial aircraft that could make money by just hauling passengers without any government subsidies (I flew in one when I was a kid). By 1939 almost 90% of the country’s airline passengers were flying the DC-3.

There were many attempts to replace the DC-3 over the next 30 years, but no single plane could match its versatility and reliability or run as cheaply. Pilots used to say, “The only replacement for the DC-3 is another DC-3.”

Our tin airplane was made by Schylling and features a friction powered motor. As it rolls forward the propellers continuously spin. It is lithographed with great detail from its colored propellers to the passenger silhouettes in the windows. Our tin plane is large with a 9.5” wingspan and comes in a beautifully decorated box featuring an Overseas Air Lines logo. You will be very happy you own this one.

For adult toy collectors. Not for children.

Price: $26.95